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Welcome to Dallas Digital Art

Animated Toroidal extrusion


Decades ago, I was fascinated by geometric and mandala design.  I used to do these in pen and ink, along with calligraphy.  Time went by and other priorities focused my attention elsewhere. Several years ago, in the middle of my photography career, I started experimenting with my Vortex series of manipulated photography. I have created literally hundreds of variations over time.  But I still felt something was missing. Then a word popped to the forefront of my mind.  “Fractals”.  I love fractals.  They are found everywhere in nature and their swirling nature is mesmerizing.  I started creating fractal-based mandalas by rendering shapes in Photoshop and replicating them in a spiral.  Then I would duplicate those spirals until I had a mandala type image.  I evolved this process until I felt I had exhausted the possibilities.  Then I went on the hunt. As I found more artists doing true fractal designs, I read between the lines and found the apps and software that would allow me to create similar designs.

The work you see here spans that entire process from hand-made mandalas to pure fractals, kaleidoscopic mandalas, and 3D extrusions of my designs.  I hope you enjoy what you see as much as I love creating them.

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