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The 3rd FluidSim Yin Yang Design Added Today

Yin Yang FluidSim 3

Today I have added the 3rd FluidSim Yin Yang Design

Today’s addition to the catalog is the third in the FluidSim series of Yin Yang designs. The original art that makes up this design was created using a Fluid Simulator on a Samsung tablet this morning. I then imported all the images into Lightroom and processed them in preparation for creating a new design. I have been adding new art daily for about a month now. By now I have content in all categories, Yin Yang, Fractals, Geometric, 3D and Mandalas. I will continue to add new work daily as time permits. If there is any category you would like to see more of, comment on this post. Comments are welcome.

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Yin Yang FluidSim 3
Yin Yang FluidSim 3

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